segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

FAKE first blog post

Hello world!
 This is our first blog and offical, finally we had some time to make one! So for those who never heard about FAKE, let me tell you that we are a team who works on skins, eyes, makeups and beards.
So why wont you take a look at our female skins.

 Our First release was ivone:
Out with Sylvia after:
Strawberry Singh facing the autumn colours with our 3rd Skin - Rose:
After Rose we made Rita:
And then we presented Lona:
Last but not least is Licia, our newest skin (not for a while cause we are almost finishing our new release!!!):
So now you already now the basics, every new release we will blog post it so make sure you follow us for the latest updates.
You will be able to see Mara very soon in world! Keep calm and follow us!
Lots of love,